Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is the Christian Education Leadership Team’s relationship, in terms of authority and power, to the church’s leadership?

ISRAEL: That’s a good question. That will need to be determined by each congregation. Most churches will not have much difficulty gaining clarity about that issue. I don’t think authority and power are the issues at the heart of the matter, though.

MARTY: Here's an example: the staff liaison and the chairpersons of the Christian Education Leadership Team should be members of, and report to, the Church Council. The CELT must be given proper authority to carry out its work of overseeing the educational ministries of the congregation. The CELT is a planning, organizing, and assessing group—not just a calendaring group. Every congregation needs a group that focuses solely on Christian education. It is difficult for a Church Council to carry out this function because of other responsibilities and functions that demand its attention, leaving very little time in monthly meetings to address the multi-faceted components necessary for effective Christian education planning. This is why a Christian Education Leadership Team is needed.

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