Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can this planning approach work in a large church?

MARTY: The model in the book is based on fundamental principles of educational planning and organization. Therefore, the size of the church does not detract in any way from the effective use of the model. The leadership team will be smaller or larger depending on the organizational needs of the church. For example, a smaller congregation will have a Preschool/Children’s Coordinator on the leadership team, whereas as larger church will have a need for a Preschool Coordinator and a Children’s Coordinator on the leadership team. The processes for educational planning and organizing are the same for congregations of all sizes.

ISRAEL: Yes, Marty is correct, size isn’t really the issue here. The book presents fundamental and universally applied principles of organization, planning, and assessment that are suitable to all educational enterprises. I used these principles when I was a church educator. I now used these organizational, planning, and assessment principles and practices as dean of a theological school.

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